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Teaching assistant - review of terms and conditions

The latest information about the review of Teaching Assistant (TA) terms and conditions.

Latest news

Icon for pdf Teaching Assistant - Update July 2018 (PDF, 28.1kb)

Final offer

As you are aware, at a meeting on 20 September 2017, Council agreed to a final offer which UNISON agreed to put to their members by way of a consultative ballot.  The details of the final offer were to:

  • replace existing job descriptions with the revised roles and responsibilities;
  • align Teaching Assistants to the new grading structure
  • establish and support a Teaching Assistant Career Progression Board which, amongst other things, includes as a priority exploring early solutions through training and other suitable opportunities and support with a focus on those staff that could potentially be financially disadvantaged;
  • implement a standard working week for Teaching Assistants of 37 hours, with any reduced hours contracts being paid on a pro rata basis;
  • implement a standard number of weeks worked by Teaching Assistants of 40;
  • compensate Teaching Assistants for any financial loss equivalent to the loss of salary associated with the move from whole time to term time, or a change in grade, paid during the term of employment for a maximum of two years from the date of implementation;
  • undertake a training needs assessment and then establish a training programme for Teaching Assistants to support them in their roles and to provide development for future career opportunities;
  • an implementation date of 1 January 2018 with compensation being applicable from this date and the annual progression increment, where applicable, to be paid in April 2018.

The outcome of the ballot is that UNISON members voted to accept the offer.  For clarity, GMB and UNITE have accepted the offer.  I can now confirm that as the revised roles, grading and terms and conditions have been accepted by all recognised Trade Unions, the Council will implement the changes by collective agreement, effective from 1 January 2018, by way of an agreed variation to current contracts.  A new contract of employment will be issued to Teaching Assistants in due course.

Appeals process

Should you wish to formally appeal the alignment of your role against the new job description please refer to the appeals policy attached:

Council report

The report written for Council on 20 September 2017 - Icon for pdf Teaching Assistants council report 20 September 2017 (PDF, 185.3kb) .

Proposal for support package

Download our Icon for pdf Proposed support package briefing note (PDF, 138.4kb) . This is a specimen briefing paper regarding a support package for TAs, and is subject to progression board approval.

Flexible working arrangements - options

Download our  Icon for pdf Flexible working guidance (PDF, 280.7kb)  which explains our flexible working arrangements.

TA career progression board

Download our

Pay scales

Net pay calculator

Icon for excel Teaching assistants net pay calculator (XLS, 39.8kb)

Please note, the net pay calculator is an Excel document and can be accessed on a computer. You may experience difficulties if trying to access the calculator using a mobile phone or tablet.

Net Pay Calculator guidance notes

This spreadsheet will calculate your estimated earnings for the period 1 September 2019 to 31 August 2020, which is the year immediately following compensation. The figures shown in this spreadsheet are estimates only. The actual effect on an individual's take home pay may vary for a number of reasons in accordance with your own personal circumstances, including:

  • This calculator assumes a standard tax code of 1150L. If your tax code is different the effect of the changes on your take home pay may be different as well
  • If you have more than one job with the Council, this calculator may not be accurate
  • If you have additional deductions to your salary such as student loan repayments, union subscriptions, additional pension contributions (AVCs/APCs), court orders or charitable donations, the figures shown in the calculator are likely to overstate your estimated take home pay. Please make allowances for this.
  • If you have given up pay in exchange for child care vouchers, cycle purchase or for a lease car the figures shown above are likely to overstate your estimated take home pay. Please make allowances for this
  • The hours quoted on your letter of 22 June are the maximum available
  • Figures quoted in your letter are based upon working 40 weeks 

Frequently asked questions

A list of frequently asked questions and their responses: Icon for pdf FAQs (PDF, 72.3kb)

If this does not provide you with the information you require, please contact your trade union representative or email

Job descriptions

Centrally employed




Trade union contact details

If you have not done so already you are encouraged to contact your trade union to raise representations on the proposals on your behalf.  

Employee care

If you're seeking confidential counselling support on a range of personal and work-related issues, you can contact our confidential counselling service via a freephone number - 0800 716 017 (24 hour) and quote scheme number 33679.

You can also visit the Employee Care website, and use the scheme number 33679 - for both the 'access code' and 'password' fields to log on.

Historic documents

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