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Bonfire night organised events

Celebrate bonfire night in the safest possible way by attending an organised fireworks display.


Around 1,000 people are injured by fireworks every year - 5% of those injuries are serious. The majority of firework-related injuries happen at family or private parties and around half of those are to children under the age of 17.

Did you know? A rocket can reach speeds of 150mph and sparklers are five times hotter than cooking oil.

The law

Buying fireworks

Retailers need a licence to sell fireworks and it is also illegal for them to sell to anyone under 18. Help us by reporting any illegal sales to our Trading Standards team.

Letting off fireworks

The law states where and when you can let off fireworks. You can find out more at fireworks and the law


Each year, the fire service deals with hundreds of nuisance incidents relating to bonfires. If you see an illegal bonfire being built, report it to us and will organise for the bonfire to be dismantled.

Make sure you don't leave your rubbish bin out. It, or the rubbish in it, can be used for fuel. A replacement bin costs £20.00.

Making the bonfire night period safer

Partners involved in the County Durham Partnership: Safe Durham Partnership work together before, during and after the bonfire night period to make it safer. Work includes:

  • police and fire officer visits to schools
  • routine garden checks
  • 'Fireworks and the Law' information leaflet distribution
  • illegal bonfire removal
  • police and council enforcement officer patrols of known hotspots
  • trading standards officer retailer checks
  • reports of the sale of illegal fireworks and the sale of fireworks to people under the age of 18 are followed up
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Trading Standards
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Our address is:
  • Community Protection
  • PO Box 617
  • Durham
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  • United Kingdom
  • DH1 9HZ
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