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Community Renewal Fund

If you have a project that will help invest in skills, local businesses, communities and place, or supports local people into employment, you may be able to apply for the Government's UK Community Renewal Fund.

What the Community Renewal Fund is

The UK Community Renewal Fund aims to help areas prepare over 2021-22 for the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, by piloting new programmes and approaches to better support people and communities. 

Investment priorities

The invitation document sets out the national priorities for funding, eligibility requirements and assessment criteria:

Icon for pdf Community Renewal Fund - invitation document (PDF, 251.7kb)

Projects must deliver activity in line with the UK Community Renewal Fund Prospectus and align with at least one of the following investment priorities:

  • investment in skills
  • investment in local businesses
  • investment in communities and place
  • supporting local people into employment

In selecting the bids that will be forwarded to the UK Government for consideration, we will prioritise the bids that have the greatest potential to deliver against these investment priorities and key local growth priorities, up to a total value of £3m.

This will be based on the local priorities as set out in the County Durham Vision 2035 and Regeneration Statement for County Durham.  

The funding

90% of funding available through the UK Community Renewal Fund is revenue funding. However, in limited circumstances, it will support capital costs.

Match funding is not mandatory and may fund up to 100% of the costs. However, the Government encourages applicants to maximise leverage of other funding, where appropriate and this will be assessed as part of the value for money considerations.

Grant is only available in 2021-2022, with all grant having to be financially incurred by 31 March 2022. Funding announcements will be made from July 2021 onwards. Activities will need to demonstrate they can be delivered in this timeframe and  deliverability of this will be assessed as part of the selection criteria.

In line with Government guidance to maximise the impact and deliverability, we are encouraging larger projects of over £500,000 to come forward where this is possible. You may wish to consider developing collaborative projects. If this is of interest, please contact the County Durham Economic Partnership.

Please read the UK Community Renewal Fund Prospectus and the UK Community Fund Technical Note for Project Applicants and Deliverers at UK Community Renewal Fund - prospectus, technical note and application form before starting work on a bid.

Submitting a bid

As the lead bidding authority, we are inviting applications for the UK Community Renewal Fund.

Bids must be submitted using the UK Community Renewal Fund application form at UK Community Renewal Fund - prospectus, technical note and application form. Bids submitted in any other format will not be accepted. 

Contact us to submit your bid by email.

Bids must be submitted by 12 noon Tuesday, 11 May 2021.

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