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Sign up to be a County Durham Together Community Champion

We want to keep everyone up to date with the latest public health information and protecting health guidance. However we know we don't always reach everyone - and that's why we'd like your help.

Sign up to be a County Durham Together Community Champion and make a massive difference in a really simple way.

Why we need County Durham Together Community Champions

As a champion, you'll be able to share the latest public health information with your friends, family or people you know. This could be in a conversation, through Facebook or WhatsApp groups, Zoom calls or any way that suits you. 

    You don't need to belong to any clubs or groups or have children in school to be a champion - if you're in touch with your friends, family, people in your community or workplace we would like your help. 

    County Durham Together Community Champion Plus

    If you'd like to do more than share information, you may consider taking on the role of a Covid Champion Plus - for more information see County Durham Together Community Champions roles.

    How it works

    • We give you the most up-to-date information public health information and messages to share.
    • You will be provided with resources to use (posters, social media).
    • We keep it simple - the website is regularly updated and we'll send you updates via text, emails and virtual drop in sessions.
    • You share this information and help us reach hundreds and thousands more people across the county:
      • We share with you - you share with 20 people - they share with more  
      • We share with 50 champions - they share with 1,000 people - they share with more
    • You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and share our posts on social media

    You don't need to create your own messages or posters - we can provide these.

    We want to hear from you

    As well as us sharing the latest information with you, we want to know what you and your community thinks. We want to know what's working well in our communities and what isn't, what questions people are asking and what people think we can do better.

    We'll arrange virtual drop-in sessions so we can keep in touch with you on a regular basis.


    You don't need any training to become a champion. We just want to support you to share our messages with the people you know.

    If you do sign up to become a County Durham Together Community Champion Plus, you'll be invited to attend training online.

    What you can do now

    Contact us
    Covid community champions