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Big Spring Clean

This year's Big Spring Clean was a huge success and you helped us collect 3,000 bags of litter.

Big Spring Clean is our annual community litter picking campaign and this year's event took place between Monday 20 February and Monday 17 April.

This year's campaign 

This year we have given out 1,540 pieces of litter picking equipment and over 250 litter picking events have taken place across the county.

Six open days took place in areas where we have traditionally seen low engagement including Chester-le-Street, Stanhope and Consett.

We have had face-to-face engagement with over 100 community volunteers and engaged with 1,559 primary school children. 

Some of our events are held in conjunction with Darlington Borough Council but the above statistics relate to only the areas of County Durham overseen by Durham County Council.

Organise your own litter-pick outside of the campaign

We support individuals, organisations and community groups who would like to organise their own litter picks throughout the year. For further information on how to book the loan of equipment and the guidelines on how to lead your own litter pick safely, please contact us.

Help keep your area tidy

  • Always put litter in a bin.
  • Recycle where possible.
  • Do not throw litter from cars/vehicles as this affects our roads, countryside and natural habitats for wildlife.
  • Encourage children, friends and family to put their litter in a bin or take their rubbish home with them.
  • Remember; dropping litter is an offence and is enforced by a £150 (maximum) and £65 (minimum early payment) Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN).

Report litter

Litter not only blights the environment and makes areas look untidy; it also affects natural habitats and wildlife. Big Spring Clean encourages and supports residents, businesses and volunteers to organise litter pick activities or events to help tidy their village or town. 

Further information

Please see our Support for the community to improve the environment or Civic Pride team pages for information on how we can support other environmental projects in your area.