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Be a good neighbour during lockdown

While we're spending more time at home, see below the different ways you can be a good neighbour, and look out for the people around you.

Shopping and errands

The best way you can support your family, friends and neighbours is by running errands, for example collecting essential food items or prescriptions on their behalf. To do so safely, it should be done while you are either getting your own essentials or taking your daily exercise. Remember to leave essentials on the doorstep, and ensure that you follow social distancing guidelines. 


If you want to offer up your time you can also volunteer. Visit Volunteer - what you can do to help for more information on how to volunteer safely.

Report a concern

As people are spending more time in the home, than at work or at school, for some this presents a greater risk. Please report any concerns you have about adults or children.

Domestic abuse

Police and support services are available to anyone in need of help, so if you are worried about a friend, relative or neighbour being the victim of domestic abuse you can report your concerns - see Domestic abuse for more information.

Children and young people

If you are worried about a child or young person you should report this as quickly as possible - Report a concern about a child.


If you have any concerns that an adult is being harmed or neglected, or you are simply concerned about their welfare at this time, particularly if they are elderly and live on their own, please report this - Concerned about someone - report neglect or abuse.


Sadly there are people who will take advantage of the vulnerable at this time - please look out for this, and make sure your friends, family members and neighbours are aware - for ore information see Beware of scams and loan sharks during the Coronavirus outbreak.

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