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Traffic safety and traffic calming schemes

Traffic safety schemes are introduced to solve a problem on one or more roads.

How are roads identified?

The need for a safety or traffic calming scheme can be identified in a variety of ways:

  • accident history
  • concerns raised by local residents

 What happens next?

Once an issue is identified a traffic control assessment will be made.

The assessment considers the following:

  • How to best achieve the safe movement of vehicles - including traffic flow, possible restraints and environmental factors.
  • The impact on public transport.
  • Cyclist and pedestrian access and safety.
  • The impact on children, disabled and older people.

What type of measures can be introduced?

There are many solutions including:

  • Speed limit changes
  • Road humps
  • New signage

Road safety around schools

Find out more about school crossing patrols and school road safety schemes.