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On Thursday 17 and Friday 18 November the main entrance to the Sevenhills will is be closed for essential repairs. There is an alternative entrance by John Hart Commercials.

Kit and equipment

Soldiers were well equipped for their environment, from basic weather proof clothing to the Osprey Body Armour and ballistic nylon helmets which did much to keep soldiers safe. Whilst most patrols were on foot a range of vehicles, from agile and versatile quad bikes to heavily armoured Mastiff patrol vehicles, were available to transport both people and equipment.

Rifleman Miller

Rifleman Miller talks about the essential protection from ballistic glasses when an IED explodes.

  Icon for pdf Rifleman Miller's transcript (PDF, 2.6kb)

Serjeant Kevin Foxton

Serjeant Foxton compares helmets and contrasts the amount of kit used by the British Army with that of the Afghan National Army.

Icon for pdf Serjeant Foxton's transcript (PDF, 6.4kb)

WO2 Company Serjeant Major John Pepper

Company Serjeant Major John Pepper talks about the quality of kit 3 RIFLES had and used.

Icon for pdf Company Serjeant Major Pepper's transcript (PDF, 5.0kb)

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