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On Thursday 17 and Friday 18 November the main entrance to the Sevenhills will is be closed for essential repairs. There is an alternative entrance by John Hart Commercials.

Training and deployment

3 RIFLES were informed of their deployment almost two years in advance. During this busy period, the Riflemen trained hard alongside medics, gunners and engineers from other British Army units who together comprised the 3 RIFLES Battle Group.

From basic fitness to training in mocked-up Afghan villages, the soldiers honed their skills and tactics. The training culminated in a two-week exercise in Kenya. Other soldiers, however, were given only a few days notice to deploy as Battlefield Casualty Replacements. They would complete two weeks acclimatisation training in Camp Bastion before being deployed forward.

Operating in the lush and fertile 'green zone' presented 3 RIFLES with severe challenges, from the dense vegetation to the muddy lanes, which were ideal for the placement of IEDs by the Taliban. Arriving at the start of autumn, temperatures regularly dropped below zero.

Serjeant Kevin Foxton

Serjeant Foxton contrasts the extent and experience of training and how it continues after deployment.

Icon for pdf Serjeant Foxton's transcript (PDF, 32.0kb)

WO2 Company Serjeant Major John Pepper

Company Serjeant Major Pepper expresses confidence that the Battle Group was well trained for the tour of duty.

Icon for pdf Company Serjeant Major Pepper's transcript (PDF, 18.1kb)

Lance Corporal Michael Westaway

Lance Corporal Westaway on practising patrols in a reconstructed Afghan village in Thetford, Norfolk.

Icon for pdf Lance Corporal Westaway's transcript (PDF, 21.4kb)

Major Haywood

Major Haywood of 28 Field Regiment, 42 Field Squadron describes the importance of Route 611 and the challenges faced in keeping it clear of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

Icon for pdf Major Haywood's transcript (PDF, 90.0kb)

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