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Courageous Restraint: audio clips

Listen to audio clips which were part of a previous DLI exhibition 'Courageous Restraint: 3 Rifles in Afghanistan'.

How were the audio clips compiled?

In preparing Courageous Restraint, researchers worked closely with 3 RIFLES and recorded over 30 hours of interviews with members of the battalion and the wider battle group. Most of the interviews took place at Redford Barracks, Edinburgh but a few were conducted at Gordon Barracks, Hameln, Germany and Catterick Garrison.

Themes and content

The themes and content in the Courageous Restraint exhibition have been developed from the words of those who served in Helmand between October 2009 and April 2010. The interviews provide a unique and personal insight in to the everyday life of a 21st century soldier on the front line.

The clips presented below are a brief selection of the many hours collected. There are six themes - we hope you take the time to explore all of the sections.

Please note: None of the interviews have been edited for content or language and may not be suitable for younger people.

  1. Training and deployment
  2. Kit and equipment
  3. Patrolling and the bazaar
  4. Casualties and medics
  5. Building morale
  6. Coming home

Thank you to all who contributed

The DLI wishes to thank all of the soldiers, officers, engineers and medics who agreed to be interviewed and share their memories, both good and bad.

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