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Financial support for foster carers

We pay our foster carers competitive financial support to help with the cost of looking after their foster child. This is made up of your fostering allowance and fee.

Fostering allowance

All foster carers receive an allowance to cover costs involved in caring for a child, such as food, clothing, travel, household expenses and pocket money. The amount your receive is based on how many children you look after, and their age.

Double fostering allowances are also paid at Christmas and in the summer for looked-after children.

Fostering fee

The fee you receive is based on:

  • your skills
  • your knowledge and experience
  • your ability to meet the needs to the child you foster

For more information, contact us and we can work out how much you could receive.

Additional financial support

Tax relief

As a foster carer, you are entitled to a fixed tax exemption of £10,000 per year on top of your standard personal allowance. In addition, you get tax relief for each week a child is in your care. This tax relief is:

  • £200 per child per week under 11 years old
  • £250 per child per week for children over 11 years old

Claiming benefits

Fostering income is ignored when calculating eligibility to some benefits. To understand fully about how fostering will affect your benefits, contact us and we will talk you through it.

As a foster carer you are self-employed

The Fostering Network and becoming a foster parent offer training and support to foster carers to help you complete the relevant documents.

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