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Support for fostered children

We have a range of support available for children​ and young people who are in foster care.

Access to a social worker

All children in care have a social worker to support them through their childhood. Children and their carers will meet with their social worker regularly for advice and support. The child's social worker is responsible for the child's care plan and making sure all their needs are met. 

Individual support services

The social worker and foster carer will work with professional services such as health, education and therapeutic support to make sure that each child reaches their potential with the support they need.

Freedom Card

Foster children are entitled to a Freedom Card which gives them free entry for a range of leisure activities and attractions across the region. 

Teenagers to work

Teenagers to work can help young people explore employment opportunities and gain relevant work experience helping them towards a positive future.

Post 18

There are different living arrangements for young people in care once they reach adulthood, including the opportunity to stay with their foster carer (see our Icon for pdf Staying Put Policy (PDF, 220.3kb) ) or live independently with support. Their social worker will discuss the different options with them to decide which option is best . 

Children in Care Council

The Children in Care Council gives the children in our care a voice to actively express their opinions, thoughts and views on the care that they receive.  

Children's Guide

Icon for pdf Children and Young People's Guide to Foster Care (PDF, 5.0mb)  explains what fostering means in their terms and gives advice on where they can get help. Every young person in foster care is sent a copy of the guide to keep.  

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