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Vote in person

If you choose to vote in person at your polling station, a poll card will be sent to you, provided you are registered to vote and eligible to vote in that election. To ensure you can vote safely at your polling station, we have put COVID considerate measures in place for the safety of everyone. Please read these guidelines carefully and follow the advice we have given.

Polling stations are open from 7.00am until 10.00pm on polling day.

How to vote in person

If you're voting in person, you should:

Before visiting the polling station please consider:

  • COVID symptoms - If you develop COVID symptoms on the day of the election, we would strongly advise you not to attend in person. Please contact the Electoral Services office as soon as possible 03000 261 212.

At the polling station:

  • Go to the polling station, which is stated on your polling card. If you're unsure where this is, use our postcode lookup to find it - Map showing electoral boundaries and polling stations.
  • When you arrive at the polling station, be sure to read all signage carefully and follow the instructions you are given.
  • Be Covid considerate - Wearing a face covering is a matter of personal choice. Please be respectful of those who choose to wear a mask.
  • Be Covid considerate- Sanitiser will be available for anyone who wishes to use it.
  • Be Covid considerate - Adjustments may have been made to the ventilation system to provide additional fresh air; this may include windows being opened to help refresh the air.
  • Be Covid considerate - Please respect other people's space.
  • Polling staff will ask for your name and address. If you have your polling card, it will make it easier for us to find your name on the electoral register. 
  • The Presiding Officer will issue you your ballot paper(s).
  • To guard against duplicate voting, we will mark your name on the electoral register.
  • Take the paper to one of the polling booths, which are screened to ensure secrecy. Mark each ballot paper(s), as per instructions on the notices in the polling booth and on top of the ballot paper(s). If you make a mistake or spoil your ballot paper(s), you can take it back to the presiding officer and ask for another.
  • Fold the ballot paper(s), so other people cannot see your choice, post the ballot paper(s) in the ballot box.

Bring your own pen or pencil

We recommend that you bring your own pen or pencil to clearly mark your ballot paper. We will still provide pencils as usual, but any transmission risk is significantly reduced if you use your own.

Poll card

Although not essential, you may wish to bring your poll card with you on the day as it will speed up the voting process. Polling station staff can dispose of this for you securely, or if you prefer you can take it away and dispose of it yourself.

If you've lost your poll card letter, you don't need it to vote. If you're not sure where to your polling station is, use our postcode lookup - Map showing electoral boundaries and polling stations.

Recently moved house

If you are registered to vote, but have not registered your new address, you can still vote using your previous address, as this is where you are registered on the electoral roll.

To check where the polling station for your old address is, use our postcode lookup - Map showing electoral boundaries and polling stations.

Other ways to vote

If you are concerned about visiting the polling station to cast your vote, or you are unable to visit the polling station. Please be aware that you can arrange to have a postal vote. This means that the ballot paper(s) will be sent to your address for you to complete and post back to us. For more information go to Apply to vote by post.


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