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Public/household drains and sewers

This page contains information and advice about drains and sewers that run under properties.

Northumbrian Water Limited (NWL) took responsibility for all shared drainage on 1 October 2011. Any drainage within the boundary of a property may fall within NWL's remit if it is shared with adjoining properties.

Due to the changes in legislation with regard to the transfer of ownership of many private drains and sewers to NWL, a plan indicating the existing and proposed drainage layout within the boundaries of the property should be provided in the following cases:

  • where the work involves a new building or extension of a building
  • where work involves the provision or alteration of underground drainage

A CCTV survey and 'build-over' agreement may be required.

Any connections or alterations to the shared drain may need to be carried out by NWL's approved contractors. The owner of the property and their contractor are strongly advised to contact NWL to seek further clarification. For further information and guidance, Northumbrian Water has advice on private drains and sewers.

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