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How the number of bedrooms you have affects your benefit

Housing Benefit payments and Local housing Allowance (LHA) rates are affected by the number of bedrooms you have.

If you rent from a housing association

If your household has more bedrooms than the law says you need, these are classed as 'spare bedrooms', even if people use them. Your Housing Benefit will be reduced by:

  • 14% of your rent if you have one spare bedroom
  • 25% of your rent if  you have more than one spare room

If you rent privately

In most cases, if you rent privately, your housing benefit is worked out using the Local Housing Allowance rates.

Again you will only be paid for the number of bedrooms the law says you need for your household, rather than how many you have. You can use the Local Housing Allowance: bedroom calculator  to work out the LHA rate that applies to your household.

Find out about other differences to Claim Housing Benefit when you rent privately.


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