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How we look after our footpaths

We have a responsibility for the maintenance of all adopted footpaths within the county.

We carry out a variety of maintenance schemes throughout the year, these include:

  • minor patching works
  • footpath surface treatment
  • resurfacing works
  • full reconstruction

Footway inspection frequency

Trip hazards on footpaths are a concern to the public. To minimise the likelihood of a trip occurring we have an inspection regime which involves routine inspection of adopted footpaths. We ensure that the footpaths which are used the most are inspected on a more frequent basis. Well Maintained Highways, a Code of Good Practice produced by the UK Roads Board, recommends the frequency of footpath inspections:

1aPrestige Walking ZoneVery busy areas of towns and cities with high public space and streetscene contribution 2 weekly
1Primary Walking RoutesBusy urban shopping and business areas and main pedestrian routes.1 month
2Secondary Walking RoutesMedium use routes through local areas feeding into primary routes, local shopping centres.3 months
3Link FootwaysLinking local access footways through urban areas and busy rural footways.6 months
4Local Access FootwaysFootways associated with low use, short estate roads to the main routes and cul-de-sacs.1 year


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