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Free parking after 2.00pm in our on-street and off-street car parks across the county - no ticket needed. This excludes car parks at Hardwick Park, Wharton Park and Riverside Park (South Ropery Lane, North Ropery Lane and the Donald Owen Clark car parks).

Pay and display bays

On-street pay and display bays are found in the Durham City Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). The pay and display bays operate between 8.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Saturday only. Parking outside of these times is free.

During the operational hours you may park in a pay and display bay if you pay the charge and clearly display your ticket or a valid permit. Depending on where you park within the city, the charge for parking is 20p, 30p, 40p or 50p or 80p per half hour. Pay and display machines accept 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1 and £2 coins.

Full guidance on payment and operating hours are found on the front of the machine. The time your vehicle can stay until is printed on the ticket. Do not park in a pay and display bay for longer than you have paid for as you may be issued with a parking fine.

Picking up and dropping off passengers

You can stop in a pay and display bay to pick up or drop off passengers, but waiting for passengers is not allowed. You must stay with your vehicle at all times unless your passengers need help getting in or out of your vehicle.

Loading and unloading

Loading and unloading is allowed from a pay and display bay. Loading and unloading is considered to be taking place where items are being taken to and from a vehicle. It does not cover packing, unpacking or assembly, stopping to have a conversation or going to the toilet. As soon as the last item is loaded or unloaded, the vehicle must be moved or a pay and display ticket purchased.

Exceeding the time limit

If you do not return to your vehicle by the expiry time displayed on the ticket, a parking fine may be issued.

The pay and display machine is out of order

If you find a pay and display machine out of order, please contact the Parking Shop to report the fault. The telephone number can be found on the pay and display machine. Please buy a ticket from another machine on the same street.

Parking slightly over the bay markings

You must park completely inside the bay markings and you should not use the space unless all of your vehicle can fit inside the bay markings. Any vehicle parked with at least one wheel outside the bay markings may be issued with a parking fine.


You can apply to the Parking Shop to have a bay suspended in advance. Pay and display bays may be suspended to accommodate:

  • building and demolition works
  • excavations in or adjacent to a parking bay
  • works by utility companies in or adjacent to a parking bay
  • to facilitate removals from and to premises
  • for the convenience of occupiers of premises at times of weddings and funerals

The Parking Shop
Suite 1
Forster House
Forster Business Centre
Finchale Road
Framwellgate Moor
County Durham
United Kingdom

03300 884 785

Sundays and bank holidays

On-street pay and display bays are not active on Sundays and bank holidays.

Blue Badge holders

Blue Badge holders can park in on-street pay and display bays without charge or time restriction. 

Parking permits

Parking permits are also available for residents, carers, healthworkers and businesses within the Durham City Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ)