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Loading bays

Loading bays are provided where there is little or no alternative parking to allow loading/unloading of heavy or bulky goods to/from local businesses. This reserves space for deliveries or collections that might otherwise be taken up by parked vehicles.

Vehicles are permitted to park in loading bays during restricted hours as long as active loading or unloading is observed to be taking place at least once every five minutes. The only exception is in the Fowler's Yard service area, in Durham city centre, where active loading or unloading must take place at least once every twenty minutes.


We are currently running a limited service but will respond to emergency and essential work where it is possible and safe to do so. There will be delays in responding to non-emergency and non-essential works.

It should be noted that active loading and unloading includes taking goods into the property but not unpacking or putting them away as we expect this process to be carried out after the vehicle has been moved to a suitable location.

Blue Badge holders may use loading bays, but only for as long as necessary for the purpose of loading and unloading.

If any vehicle other than a vehicle being used for the purpose of loading and unloading parks in a loading bay during the hours indicated on the sign, they may be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). 

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Our address is:
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