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We are responsible for looking after verges on the side of public roads.

We carry out a variety of maintenance tasks on roadside verges including grass cutting and weed spraying. All work takes into account the Durham Biodiversity Plan to protect and wherever possible, enhance, the natural flora and fauna of the county.

Grass cutting

Grass cutting of verges is generally done twice per year in rural areas and five times per year in urban areas. Verges near junctions are cut more often.

We cut roadside verges to:

  • ensure visibility, particularly at junctions
  • prevent grass overhanging roads and pavements
  • stop road signs being covered
  • reduce the chance of shrubs such as brambles taking hold

You can help visibility by:

  • maintaining your own hedges responsibly
  • not parking on grass verges
  • not placing decorative stones or logs on verges

Weed spraying

Weed spraying is carried out on covers, channels, road gullies, footpaths, grass verges and grassed central reservations. Grassed central reservations are also treated with a growth retardant.

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