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What's currently in place to support planning and development decision making?

Find information about our Development Plan, which sets out how planning and development in County Durham is managed currently until the County Durham Plan is in place.

What does the Development Plan consist of?

The existing development plan is made up of a number of documents (Local Plans) that were put in place for the former districts of County Durham before the local authority was unitised in 2009. Local Plans are statutory planning documents which shape the development policy for a particular area for land-use, development and protection.

Together, these existing Local Plans, set out information on how planning and development is currently managed. Saved policies in these Local Plans will continue to influence planning and development decisions until the County Durham Plan replaces them.

There are seven Local Plans for County Durham plus a Minerals Plan and a Waste Plan. They are listed below:

AreaDevelopment PlansSaved Local Plan Policies
Chester-le-StreetChester-le-Street Local Plan Icon for pdf Chester-le-Street local plan saved policies (PDF, 2.1mb)
DerwentsideDerwentside Local Plan Icon for pdf Derwentside local plan saved policies (PDF, 1.6mb)
Durham CityDurham City Local Plan Icon for pdf City of Durham local plan saved policies (PDF, 2.0mb)  - Please note an Article 4 Direction has been confirmed for a defined area of Durham City for student accommodation (purpose built and houses in multiple occupation) from 16 September 2016. Please also note that policy H7 City Centre housing has now expired.
EasingtonEasington Local Plan Icon for pdf Easington local plan saved policies (PDF, 2.7mb)
SedgefieldSedgefield Borough Local Plan Icon for pdf Sedgefield local plan saved policies (PDF, 1.7mb)
TeesdaleTeesdale Local Plan Icon for pdf Teesdale local plan saved policies (PDF, 1.3mb)
Wear ValleyWear Valley District Local Plan Icon for pdf Wear Valley local plan saved policies (PDF, 2.0mb)  Please note that policy TM7: New Caravan and Chalet Sites has now expired.
MineralsMinerals Local Plan Icon for pdf Minerals local plan saved policies (PDF, 33.5kb)
WasteWaste Local Plan Icon for pdf Waste local plan saved policies (PDF, 764.9kb)

National planning guidance

The most recent national planning guidelines are:

Draft National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

The government has recently consulted on changes to the NPPF. Download our  Icon for pdf Response to draft National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) (PDF, 238.4kb) .

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