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Funding boost for pothole repairs in County Durham

Published June 08, 2023 10.20am

County Durham's roads are set to benefit from a funding boost of over £2.5 million.

Potholes funding

Cllr John Shuttleworth

We have been awarded £2.64 million by the Department for Transport for the repair and prevention of potholes across the county.

Improving the road network

The money will help strengthen our rolling programme of resurfacing and sealing road surfaces. This is in addition to the almost £13 million that has already been committed to improving the condition of the road network throughout 2023 and 2024.

We have now unveiled how we intend to invest the additional money over the coming year.

How the money will be spent:

  • £1,638,400 will be spent on resurfacing 23,300 sqm of carriageway over nine schemes in various locations across the county.
  • £600,000 will be invested in 18,000 sqm of structural patching across the county.
  • £300,000 will be invested in six Micro Asphalt specialist surfacing schemes, covering 34,000 sqm.
  • £50,000 will be set aside for pothole repairs using a 'road mender' solution trial.
  • £50,000 will be invested in spray injection patching.

Cllr John Shuttleworth, our Cabinet member for rural communities and highways, said: "This funding will be used for repairs and for pothole prevention schemes all over the county and is in addition to the £13 million we have already committed to improving our road network this year.

"We are committed to making sure that County Durham's roads are as safe as possible for our residents and visitors and would like to thank the public for their patience whilst the work is carried out."