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Home Improvement Loan Scheme

If you're struggling to afford essential improvements, repairs or adaptations to your home, we may be able to help.

A home improvement loan is a low cost, means-tested loan for those homeowners who need it most. 

Download the  Icon for pdf Home improvement loan leaflet (PDF, 200.9kb)  or contact us for more information or to ask for a Home Improvement Loan Scheme enquiry pack.

Who is eligible for a home improvement loan?

If you are unable to borrow from a bank or building society, you may be eligible for a home improvement loan. Subject to certain conditions, and a financial assessment, you may qualify if you are:

  • an owner occupier
  • the owner of an empty property
  • a private landlord

What type of work can the loan pay for?

A survey of your home will identify what works can be included such as:

  • renewing electrical wiring
  • repair or replace a leaking roof
  • a new and efficient heating system
  • new windows and doors

To find out if the work you require in your home is included, please contact us.

What happens during the application process?

If you qualify for assistance after completing a financial assessment:

  • A home survey will be carried out.
  • We'll draw up a schedule of work, and find estimates for this work. If the schedule and estimates are agreed, a loan offer will be made.
  • If you accept our loan offer, a charge will be registered against your property at the HM Land Registry under the Land Registration Act 2002, until the loan is repaid in full (a condition of the loan). 
  • You'll get support from a member of our Loans Team.

If your loan is agreed, our Home Improvement Agency will supervise the work on your behalf.

Do we have to give a home improvement loan?

In a similar way to your bank or building society, we will not provide loans that are deemed unaffordable for the applicant and which may cause subsequent financial hardship.

The award of a loan is subject to our available budget, which we review once a year.