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HMO Licensing Register

If you rent rooms or flats within a single property to a number of tenants it may be considered a House of Multiple Occupation (HMO).

HMO Licensing Register

Under Section 232 of the Housing Act 2004, a local housing authority (LHA) has a duty to establish and maintain a register of licences granted under part two and three of the act. This register should be made available for public inspection. Download our  Icon for pdf HMO Public Register June 2020 (PDF, 11.0mb)

If you have any queries in relation to a property which has been licensed or which you feel should be licensed, please contact us.

It is a licence condition that the licence holder dispays a copy of the licence in a prominent position in the property. The register will be updated periodically.

Register of HMO Licences

We maintain a register of all the current HMO licences which have been issued. The register contains various information including:

  • the property address
  • details of the licence holder
  • maximum number of persons allowed to live in the property
  • date of issue
  • duration of the licence

There are general conditions which apply to all HMOs (see  Icon for pdf General licence conditions for Houses in Multiple Occupation (PDF, 32.4kb) ), and there are then more specific conditions which may apply to the property for example:

  • to provide additional bathrooms or personal washing facilities
  • to provide adequate kitchen facilities
  • to ensure that the HMO has adequate means of escape in case of fire


If you live in a house or flat which is let to five or more separate tenants, not in the same family group, it must be licensed by the council. If you want to make sure that your home has been licensed you should ask your landlord to show you a copy of the licence.
It is important for your safety that your home is licensed. If you have any concerns about this, please contact us.


If you own a house or flat which is let to five or more separate tenants, not in the same family group, you will be required to apply for a licence. 
You should show your tenants a copy of the licence and/or display a copy in a communal area. Information on how to apply is on our Multiple occupancy homes page.

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