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Reminder of what goes where as part of Recycle Week

Published October 13, 2022 10.28am

Residents in County Durham are being reminded of what rubbish goes in which bin as part of Recycle Week.

Recycling Week 2022

Recycle Week

Our staff will be out at a number of venues to provide more information to the public on how best to recycle household waste. This year's Recycle Week takes place between Monday 17 and Sunday 23 October with the theme 'Let's Get Real'.

Members of our recycling team will be in Durham Market Place on Saturday 15 October and at Asda in Stanley on Thursday 20 October to give advice on what people can and can't recycle in County Durham and the best ways to manage their waste.

Are you recycling properly?

This year's week of action ties in with our campaign to encourage more residents to recycle properly. We are reminding households how important it is to only put the correct items in the blue lidded bin and glass box.

Cllr Mark Wilkes, Cabinet member for neighbourhoods and climate change, said: "We know many of our residents do a fantastic job of recycling their waste, but we are always looking to improve.

"Putting the wrong kind of items into recycling bins makes it harder for our refuse teams and can also damage the environment. For every item we recycle, we are reducing the need to use raw materials, which helps save energy and precious resources, so please help out by doing your bit."

Recycling tips

When recycling, residents should remember:

  • Cardboard boxes can go in your recycling bin. Large boxes can be flattened and placed next to your recycling bin or you can take them to household waste recycling centres (HWRCs). Please make sure wherever possible cardboard is dry.
  • Wash and squash items - this saves space, keeps your bin clean and stops contamination.
  • Please do not put clothes, shoes or bedding in your recycling bin. These should be taken to a charity or a household waste recycling centre.
  • Please do not put batteries or small electrical items in your recycling or rubbish bin as these items are a fire risk. They can be recycled separately at HWRCs or through one of our local waste electrical and electronic equipment collection points.

Recycling bins which contain contaminates such as nappies, food waste, textiles and black bags will be rejected. Bins which are left at the kerbside and not taken back to the property will be taken away.

Not sure of what goes in which bin? See a full list of what can and cannot be recycled.

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