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Full Circle - support for the Virtual School, designated teachers and schools

We provide a service for children and young people who are looked after, eligible for Virtual School support and have a social worker provided by our council.

Support we can offer

We can offer consultation, information, advice and training for schools in County Durham or out of county (attended by a child open to our council). The training includes key concepts around attachment, understanding trauma, being part of a child's healing and understanding how implementing trauma informed approaches can support a child in school and stabilise school placements. This can be whole school training for schools in County Durham, or a bespoke package tailored around the child and their teaching staff for both our schools and schools out of county.

Virtual school caseworkers and designated teachers within schools have accessed this training and their support will complement the training. 

What people say about us

  • "The SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) was very impressed with the training provided to them by Full Circle and remarked that it has been most useful for the school team in supporting other children as well as with ***. Congratulations all round! Please pass this on."
  • "I received trauma training to help gain a better understanding of a child within my class. This training has been vital to ensuring the child's needs have been met and have helped me as a teacher to understand their specific needs. This training enabled me to see how the child was reacting due their previous trauma and how to best manage these challenging behaviours. It helped me gain a strong understanding of the child's needs and how best to accommodate them throughout the day and pre-empt any problems that may arise. When issues did arise, it enabled me to calm the situation much quicker as I was able to identify the child's triggers and emotional state allowing me to apply the best strategy at the given time."
  • "Can I say a big thank you for your time and advice yesterday, your knowledge and guidance will be very helpful when supporting *** in school."
  • "The training was informative and sensitively delivered. Many of our staff have done some form of trauma training before so I think that first session will have been a good recap for them and for the less experienced members of staff, it will have been insightful. I think we are all keen to undertake the second part of the training so that we can be best equipped to support our pupils with regulating their emotions, and behaviour before engaging in meaningful learning." 

How to get support

Schools can contact The Full Circle duty worker between 9.00am and 3.00pm for advice, guidance and information.

Consultation can be requested by the child's social worker (DCC) through completing a referral on Liquid Logic.

Training can be requested through a variety of methods - through the child's social worker or by contacting us directly. This can also be requested and arranged through the child's allocated Full Circle worker where relevant.

Contact us
Full Circle
03000 264 730