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Full Circle - support for children placed in Durham by other councils

We are able to provide a costed therapeutic service provision for those children placed in County Durham by other councils. The offer includes high quality therapeutic support to promote placement stability and healing for children in our area.

Support we can offer

We can offer assessment, consultation, information, advice, training and tailored support to parents, carers and professionals to help support understanding of the impact of difficult and traumatic childhood experiences and how you can support stability and healing for a child.

We can support the child indirectly and promote stability through therapeutic parenting support to parents, carers and residential staff. We can also, when appropriate, undertake direct work with children and young people to help them look back and make sense of what happened, or to find ways to cope and better manage their emotions and reactions in the here and now. In addition, we can work with the child and carers together using a range of therapeutic interventions. These interventions are provided by trained and qualified workers and are evidence based.

We can also provide or support around therapeutic letters, stories and explanations that we write very carefully to help explain even the most difficult things to children and young people, because knowing and understanding can help with healing. 

What people say about us

  • "Dedication to their work shone through...excellent service."

  • "I would like to say a huge thank you for delivering the trauma training. The whole team got a lot from it, and it certainly gave a better insight into why some of our young people present with some of their behaviours. You made it extremely easy to absorb the information you were providing."

How to get support

A child or young person's social worker from another council can contact us and request further information, a referral form and costings to support the decision around whether to request a service.

Upon receipt of a referral, we will progress a therapeutic assessment appointment where information can be gathered to determine the most appropriate therapeutic input. Once determined, an offer meeting will be set up to discuss this recommended input and agree an intervention going forward.

Contact us
Full Circle
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