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Derwentside local land charges documents

We are legally required to make these documents available for inspection, but some may not be accessible. If, for any reason, you cannot access the documents and need an alternative format, please contact us.

Derwentside - Aberfoyle to Beamish

Derwentside - Beamish Burn to Bridgehill Farm Bridgehill

Derwentside - Broadoak to Bushblades Lane

Derwentside - Castle Hills to Coronation Tce

Derwentside - Craghead to Cutlers Hall Rd

Derwentside - Deer Park to Delves Lane

Derwentside - Dene View to Dipton

Derwentside - Dipton to Dye Nook Farm

Derwentside - East Butsfield to Errington Drive

Derwentside - Esh to Fellside Terrace

Derwentside - Fell Terrace to Foxhills Crescent

Derwentside - Friarside to Front Street Ebchester

Derwentside - Front Street Esh to Front Street Quebec

Derwentside - Front Street Stanley Numbered

Derwentside - Front Street Tanfield to Tantobie

Derwentside - Front Street Shotley Bridge

Derwentside - Front Street Stanley

Derwentside - Gainsborough Road to Greenacres Estate

Derwentside - Greencroft Industrial Estate to Greencroft Road

Derwentside - Greenfields Farm to Hallgarth Terrace

Derwentside - Hamsteels to Heathfield Gardens

Derwentside - Handley Cross to Hedley Hill

Derwentside - Hedley Hope to Hisehope Burn

Derwentside - Hobson to Ivy Cottage

Derwentside - Iveston to Johnsons Buildings Iveston

Derwentside - James Street to Jane Street

Derwentside - John Street to Jubilee Terrace

Derwentside - K to Kez

Derwentside - Kimberley Gardens to Kings Road

Derwentside - Kiphill

Derwentside - Kirkfield Gardens to Knellar Close

Derwentside - Knitsley

Derwentside - Knitsley Gardens to Knitsley Nook

Derwentside - Kyo to Kyo Road

Icon for pdf Kyo Road 41 (Sundower) Stanley (PDF, 1.0mb)

Derwentside - Laburnum Avenue

Derwentside - Lanchester

Derwentside - Lanchester Road to Langdale Terrace

Derwentside - Langdon Gardens to Langley Old Hall

Derwentside - Langley Park

Derwentside - Langlet Street to Larwood

Derwentside - Lau to Lea

Derwentside - Leadgate

Derwentside - Lee to Lilac Crescent

Derwentside - Lill to Lim

Derwentside - Lin to Lintzford

Derwentside - Lintzford Road

Derwentside - Liv to Lod

Derwentside - Logan Street to Loud Terrace

Derwentside - Loud View to Lowery Lane

Derwentside - Low Westwood to Lyndhurst Road

Derwentside - Maddison to Malton

Derwentside -  Manor Road Medomsley

Derwentside - Manor Road Stanley to Meadowfield Way

Derwentside - Medomsley Road

Derwentside - Medomsley Road No 1 Industrial Estate

Derwentside - Medway Gardens to Middle Langley Cottages

Derwentside - Middle Street Consett

Derwentside - Middles Road to Millershill Lane

Derwentside - Milton Close to Moore Street

Derwentside - Moorlands to Moorlands Crescent

Derwentside - Moorside to Morley Street

Derwentside - Morrison Busty Industrial Estate Annfield Plain

Derwentside - Morrisons Allotments to Morrison Road

Derwentside - Mortimer Street - Mount Pleasant

Derwentside - Mountsett to Muggleswick

Derwentside - Muriel Street to Newhouse Road

Derwentside - North Road to Northumbria

Derwentside - Oak to Oaklands

Derwentside - Office to Oley

Derwentside - Oliver to Palmerston

Derwentside - Park Road

Derwentside - Parkers to Pavillion

Derwentside - Pelaw

Derwentside - Pemberton to Pont Lane

Derwentside - Quaking to Ritsons

Derwentside - Riverside to Ryde

Derwentside - Salisbury to Shotley Bridge

Derwentside - South Causey to Spencer Street

Derwentside - Springhouse to Standish

Derwentside - Stanley Burn to Station Road

Derwentside - Steel Street to Syke Road

Derwentside - Tanfield

Derwentside - Teesdale to The Crescent

Derwentside - The Garths to The Hawthorns

Derwentside - Thornfield to Tynedale

Derwentside - Unity to Valley 

Derwentside - Victoria - View

Derwentside - Villa Real

Derwentside - Vincent to Vindomora

Derwentside - Wallnook to Wardle

Derwentside - Warley to Waskerley

Derwentside - Watergate to Watling

Derwentside - Watson to Wear

Derwentside - Wesley to York











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