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Fred's Story

Fred is 81 and is from Newton Aycliffe. As a very independent and physically healthy man, this time last year, Fred would visit the shops and local town centre frequently, he'd enjoy a drive out to the garden centre, visit friends for a coffee or for a spot of lunch - but when the restrictions came into force in March 2020, all that changed and in an instant Fred's social lifeline was cut off. In the months that followed the isolation of lockdown took its toll on both Fred's physical and mental health. Once very active, Fred's health deteriorated and as a result his ability to get up and about declined.

A friend of Fred's heard about the Movement Made Easy DVD that Durham County Council were distributing as part of their doorstep delivery library service. The DVD has been designed for people who are unable to get out to traditional exercise classes but may not have access to the technology to join in with the online offer.

After a week of trying the DVD, practising the routines and workouts Fred commented, 'It has been wonderful to do something completely different. I miss going out like I used to, I miss the exercise and socialising. I know this won't be forever and, in the meantime, I have been enjoying painting, pottering in the garden, and listening to music. This DVD is nice and slow so that it is easy to follow, it is not too strenuous but allows me to still exercise and feel like I am moving enough. It is great to keep my mind and body occupied and a great idea for older people or people with poor health like myself.'

Find your Move

Our one to one appointment service could be just what you need if you are new to exercise and don't know where to start, or you are struggling to get back into exercise and want to know what will work best for you.  We can help you find a local walking group, arrange taster sessions and provide ongoing support to keep you going. You may also be eligible to access a free six month gym or swim membership. 

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