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Fitness suite rules

To help keep our gyms a fun and safe place to exercise for all we ask our members to follow our fitness suite rules.


  • Always wear appropriate clothing whilst exercising.
  • Shirts/tops must be worn at all times.

Food and drinks

  • Please do not eat food or chew gum within the fitness suite.
  • It is not recommended to eat a heavy meal before exercise.
  • Drinks must be placed in appropriate holder or tables provided.

Whilst exercising

  • Always ask an instructor before attempting any exercise or equipment you are unfamiliar with.
  • Always maintain correct posture whilst using the equipment.
  • Always make sure the machine settings are correct.
  • Replace weights after use.
  • When using heavy weights on the bench press station you must have someone with you to assist.
  • When the fitness suite is busy please limit your training time to no more than 12 minutes per machine.
  • For the safety of yourself and others, please do not abuse the equipment or the facilities provided.
  • Respect staff and other members.
  • Please leave the fitness suite to receive or make telephone calls.

Health and safety

  • If at any time before, during or after exercise you feel unwell please inform a member of staff immediately.
  • Always refer to the displayed user guidelines before entering sauna and steam areas.
  • Please inform staff of any changes to your health status or medication.


  • Please wipe down the machines after use with paper towelling and disinfectant provided.


  • Please use the lockers provided.

Membership information

  • Please inform a member of staff about any changes in address or contact telephone numbers.
  • Please refrain from using bad language whilst in the centre.
  • Please report any accidents, breakages or faulty equipment to a member of staff immediately.
  • Aggressive or offensive behaviour will not be tolerated and membership will be suspended.
  • Management have the right to refuse entry.
  • If you cannot attend your pre booked class you must inform reception a minimum of 12 hours before the class start time. Management reserve the right to restrict further bookings by repeat offenders.