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Take on a star role at the UK's leading light festival

Published October 21, 2021 9.20am

With excitement for Lumiere building, volunteers are needed to help make the magic happen.

Festival makers oct

Lumiere Festival Makers play a crucial role in ensuring the festival runs smoothly.

Key to its success will be its team of friendly and enthusiastic volunteers known as the Lumiere Festival Makers. The team plays a vital role in ensuring the festival runs smoothly, and there is still time to get involved.

Commissioned by the council and produced by Artichoke, Lumiere takes place from Thursday 18 to Sunday 21 November. Festival Makers are needed throughout the event and everyone aged 18 and over is welcome, whether they are a seasoned pro or a first-time volunteer.

Festival Makers will need to be available for at least two shifts of between four and seven and a half hours during the festival. They will also need to attend two meetings beforehand to receive the information they will need to carry out their role safely and to complete a walkaround of the festival site.

Get involved

There are a range of roles, including:

  • Welcoming visitors to Durham, helping them find their way around and providing advice on how to get the best Lumiere experience.
  • Telling people about the installations.
  • Helping to run the festival's visitor hub.
  • Sharing knowledge of the city.

Those with special skills or interests, such as being a qualified first aider, are also encouraged to get in touch.

There may also be some volunteer roles in the run up to the event, which will be arranged around availability and skills.

To find out more about Lumiere Festival Makers and to signup, visit the Volunteer at Lumiere page

Invaluable contribution

Cllr Elizabeth Scott, our Cabinet member for economy and partnerships, said: "Lumiere would not have grown to become the internationally renowned festival it is today without the contribution of our amazing volunteers. This support is typical of our communities and is why we believe County Durham's bid to be UK City of Culture 2025 is so strong.

"We know people volunteer for many reasons. It could be that they want to make new friends, learn new skills or enhance their CV. A lot of our Festival Makers get involved simply because they love Lumiere. Whatever the reason, their contribution is invaluable, and it has been wonderful to see the positive difference it has made to their lives too, with many going on to pursue careers in the arts.

"If you are interested, please get in touch and let's light up County Durham together."

The deadline for applications is Friday 5 November, but applications received after this will still be accommodated if possible.

Lumiere is also supported by Arts Council England, Durham University and a host of other sponsors.

Exciting programme

The full programme was announced earlier this month and features 37 installations by international and local artists. There will also be six installations outside of Durham City for the first time. To find out more and to book free tickets, visit the Lumiere Festival website.

For the latest festival news, follow Artichoke Trust on TwitterArtichoke Trust on Facebook and Artichoke Trust on Instagram

For more information about County Durham's bid to be UK City of Culture, submit ideas and leave messages of support, visit the Durham 2025 website or follow Durham2025 on FacebookDurham2025_ on Instagram and Durham_2025 on Twitter