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Due to essential maintenance, the following systems will be unavailable from 6.00pm on Monday 2 October until 8.00am on Tuesday 3 October: our online council tax, business rates and housing benefit services, and our welfare assistance form. You will also not be able to register to pay council tax online, make a change of address for council tax or cancel single person discount. You are still able to make a payment during this time. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Exercise class descriptions

Most exercise class levels can be adapted via your coach to suit your needs, please introduce yourself at the beginning of your class and make the coach aware that you are new.


Get moving and burn calories with this vibrant and energetic class. Move in different directions to the latest music. This class will give your aerobic system a good workout with various levels of intensity throughout.

Aqua aerobics

This varied water workout is great for total body fitness. Maximising the benefits of the resistance of the water, our instructors will show you a range of exercises to help burn calories, tone up and strengthen your heart and lungs.


Aquanatal is a wonderful form of safe exercise during and after pregnancy. A fun and sociable way to enjoy Mummy time in the pool.


A toning water based class, enjoy the fusion of music, water and toning exercises to make you feel refreshed and ready for the day.


Athletics but as you've never tried it before! This class combines athletics with a fun, vibrant and exciting programme helping you to get and keep fit in a non-competitive exciting way.


BODYBALANCE™ is the workout that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centred and calm. Controlled breathing, concentration and a carefully structured series of stretches, moves and poses to music create a holistic workout that brings the body into a state of harmony and balance. Like all the LES MILLS™ programmes, a new BODYBALANCE™ class is released every three months with new music and choreography.


Feel strong and empowered with this popular LES MILLS™ class. This fiercely energetic programme is inspired by mixed martial arts and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as karate, boxing, Taekwondo, tai chi and Muay Thai. Like all the LES MILLS™ programmes, a new BODYCOMBAT™class is released every three months with new music and choreography. 

Bodycombat technique (live)

Have you ever wanted to try a Bodycombat class and wondered what it's all about? Join us for a 30 minute explanation and technique introduction session. Our instructors will guide you through all of the mixed martial moves that are then choreographed into our facility classes - you will need some space around you to kick! The Bodycombat technique class is available free online through Mywellness app - Thrive Virtual.  


The original and highly popular LES MILLS™ barbell class which will sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body. You are sure to feel the burn using a variety of bar bell exercises taught by our experienced and knowledgeable instructors to the latest dance music. Bar bells are available in various weights. Like all the LES MILLS™ programmes, a new BODYPUMP™ class is released every three months with new music and choreography.

Bodypump technique (live)

Have you ever wanted to try a Bodypump class and wondered what it's all about? Join us for a 30 minute explanation and technique introduction session. Our instructors will guide you through all of the techniques used in class to help you understand the moves. You will require a broom shank or pole and two water bottles or tins to help you understand the technique. The Bodypump technique class is available free online through Mywellness app - Thrive Virtual.  

Bootcamp and Outdoor Bootcamp

Our instructors will deliver you a fun and challenging workout by providing a mixture of exercises and cardiovascular training. Your boot camp session will work the heart and lungs and give almost every muscle in your body a workout.
Sessions involve bodyweight exercises, running, stretching, relays and exercises with a partner. Not for the faint hearted.

Booty Squad

This is the ultimate lower body workout. The class is specifically designed to target stubborn problem areas resulting in curves in all the right places. Booty Squad is a muscular endurance class with cardio elements to keep the heart rate up into the fat burn zone, whilst shocking muscles targeting the bum, core and legs. This empowering class will melt lower body fat and sculpt your shape leaving you energised and feeling amazing.

Boxing circuits

This circuit class mixes boxing style stations and techniques with other cardio and body conditioning exercises. Learn different punches and movement using focus pads. This class works on your body movement, agility and momentum. Attend regular classes to get fit and enhance muscle definition without muscle bulk. It's great for relieving stress too.

Cardio circuits

Cardio based stations to help improve fitness levels and energise the body. Try an hour of cardio based circuits incorporating different exercises to suit all levels of fitness as you work at your own pace.


This all-time favourite class is a great interval training workout. Mix up your routine with a variety of body conditioning and cardio-vascular exercise stations. Circuits work nearly every element of fitness from speed to strength. Our instructors will motivate you when the going gets tough, but be prepared to be challenged.

Core conditioning or Abs blast

Condition the core/abdominals with muscle balancing exercises to motivating music. This challenging class works to tone and condition all major muscles of the torso with the aim of increasing spinal stability - essential for posture and health. Suitable for different ability levels to make sure you achieve your personal goals.

Cyclenergy (An Introduction to)

Bringing the outdoor experience of cycling indoors using a static bike. Height restrictions apply. 
This class is a beginner's route to introduce you to cyclenergy and is great for those new or returning to exercise. This is a low impact class which will give you the start and fitness you need to progress.


Indoor fitness cycling at its best. These highly energetic and vibrant classes will have you in a spin with motivating instructors and varied paced music to compliment your workout. Our bikes are fitted with adjusters to allow you to work at a level to suit you, but be warned our instructors will challenge those who are after an easy ride!


An indoor fitness cycling experience with a twist. The next progression to Cyclenergy - a bit more umph!!


Fitball is a unique workout that will challenge your core group of muscles and is designed to improve motion, strength, stability, co-ordination and balance. Fitball provides an excellent workout which will result in a stronger core, improved posture and better body alignment.

Functional training (Back to basic and An introduction to)

Movement, strength, core stability and balance, all benefits of this functional training class. Train more effectively to increase all aspects of your physical health while having fun. Challenge yourself safely using a variety of exercises and equipment. In all movements and planes of the body. Try 'Back to basics Functional' or 'An Introduction to Functional' for a beginner version. 

Gentle aerobics

Whether you are recovering from an injury, experience difficulties with mobility or are new or returning to exercise then these classes are the ideal way to get moving and burn calories. Instructors will take you through the movements and deliver a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Gentle aqua

This is a great class for those new or returning to exercise. Exercising in water provides you with the support you need when you are looking for a class that is a little lower in intensity. This class will help improve your health, fitness and mobility no matter what your ability level. Our fun and friendly instructors will work with you to make sure your individual needs are met.

Gentle circuits

This varied class offers you a great mix of cardiovascular and body conditioning exercises. Our instructors will make sure your exercises are low impact and low intensity, a great class for those who require a less challenging activity.


LES MILLS GRIT Strength/Cardio is a 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, designed to improve strength, cardiovascular fitness and build lean muscle. This workout may use barbells, weights and bodyweight exercises to blast all major muscle groups.

Gym circuits

Using our gym equipment, experience the class environment in welcoming surroundings. Your coach will take you through a circuit style workout using the whole body which is suitable for all levels of fitness.


HIITSTEP is the multi-award winning HIIT workout that only requires you and a STEP. HIITSTEP is a 30-minute high-intensity interval training system, designed to work you to the max. Combined with high energy music HIITSTEP provides you with the ultimate workout experience.


INSANITY® turns old-school interval training on its head. You work flat out in 3 to 5 minute blocks - working at maximum capacity through your entire workout. Keep pushing your limits - so your body has to adapt. We have an exciting programme to get you in "insane" shape.

Iron fit

Iron Fit is a complete body workout and will work every major muscle group in your body. Using barbells and weights this 45minute class will help you to improve your muscular strength & endurance.

This class is designed to strip body fat, tone muscles and will change your body shape!! IRON FIT performs high repetitions to burn fat for the next 24 - 48 hours. Each music release will be a choreographed to a fun theme inspired genre such as Rock, Pop, 80s, 90s etc Iron fit is suitable for all fitness levels.


Try this different kind of workout using the famous Kettlebell (a cast iron weight). This class uses a variety of dynamic moves which target almost all aspects of fitness including agility, strength, endurance and balance. This is a challenging class with various weight sizes available.

Ladies morning

A sociable exercise morning designed around the participants. Fun and enjoyable for all. With a variation of styles of exercise to cover participants needs.

Legs, bums and tums

Target those problem areas with the traditional legs, bums and tums class. This class uses a variety of equipment and exercises to tone and tighten your legs, bums and tums. Our instructors will provide you with a range of levels of each exercise for you to select according to your ability.

Lifestyle circuits

A combination of cardiovascular and resistance exercises in a circuit based routine, interspersed with some simple aerobics. This low impact class suits any fitness level or ability. Ideal for older people, beginners or those wanting an enjoyable but not too strenuous work out.


Home of the original 30-minute metabolic workout that lasts 24 hours. This "back to basic" class uses your own bodyweight rather than equipment. It is an intense workout increasing both anaerobic and aerobic pathways at the same time. This kind of interval training produces better results than aerobic training alone, including building as much muscular endurance as forty-five minutes of normal cardio training.

Metafit challenge

Challenge yourself with a 'Metafit Challenge' block. Your instructor will test your fitness before you begin the journey, progress you through the high intensity workout and give you results at the end.

Move Easy

Our Move Easy classes are designed to 'ease you in' or 'welcome you back' to physical activity. A 20-30 minute class performed in a social circle. Rest or join in at your leisure and be guided by our instructors on your fitness journey. There may be a social element to! 


Created by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s Pilates focuses on strengthening and lengthening. The repertoire of moves will take you through using the core whilst creating your perfect posture/alignment, focusing on breathe, core control, fluidity and much more. Invigorate yourself with this mind and body experience.

Pilates prep

An introduction to Pilates. Learn the ethics and basic principles before moving forward. Your coach will guide you.


An enjoyable class specifically designed to be low impact with changing routines and disciplines. Cardio and strength mixed. It may also involve a social element!


Soulfusion combines the muscle sculpting, core firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility advantages of Yoga. We crank up the speed to deliver a true fat burning, low impact workout that leaves your body looking long, lean and incredibly defined. This workout is designed for all fitness levels with options to adapt exercises. 


Step up with this fat burning and energizing class. Move across, in front and behind the step to rhythmic music beats. Our instructors will make sure you are put through your paces while providing you with variations of the movements to suit your ability. This class is great for improving your co-ordination, balance and all-round fitness.

Strength and conditioning

Building together elements of strength, speed, stamina and suppleness in a class environment. Learn the fundamental movement patterns and how to use core stability to develop real strength and power. Class may use body weight or equipment.

Stretch and tone

Our bodies need to be both flexible and strong! Give your body some extra attention in this gentle class designed to lengthen and strengthen your muscles and joints.

Stretch (live)

Join us for a stretch class from the comfort of your own home. Designed to move your body, stretch out your muscles and start the day off the right way. Stretch is available free online via the Mywellness app - Thrive Virtual.

Super Circuits

A gym floor lead class. Using the equipment around you and soaking up the atmosphere in the gym, join in this instructor lead class for an all over body workout. 

Tai chi (Qi Gong)

 Qigong &Tai Chi is a gentle martial art exercise. Good for strength and flexibility. Movements are slow which improves balance & co-ordination, it. Tai Chi allows you to learn to focus on relaxing the body & mind. Tai Chi is suitable for all ages and abilities, It can also be done seated.


Tornado focuses on increasing speed, building lean muscle and burning maximum fat and calories. Using a range of barbells, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, benches and body weight, this muscle conditioning class will strip body fat, increase muscle tissue, and improve overall fitness and strength.

The 45 minute high intensity sessions are not choreographed in time to music, so you can work fast with light weights to burn fat and tone muscle tissue, or slow low reps with heavy weight to build lean muscle, making this class suitable for every level and adaptable for all fitness goals.

Tornado will not leave a single muscle untouched after this class. With powerful music and our motivated coaches this class will leave you feeling amazing, and achieving the best possible results you will be addicted too.


Don't become bored with your standard x-trainer programme, add something different with this group class lead by our motivating instructors. This class will take you on a variety of programmes at a level to suit you, so you'll never feel bored with that x-trainer again.


(In a nutshell) the art, science and philosophy of  Yoga brings together a person's mind, body and breath to the benefit of his/her organic and holistic wellbeing. We start from the outside of the body and work inwards, moving mindfully and progressively through various poses to improve posture, flexibility, stamina and strength.


This class fuses fitness, entertainment and culture into an exhilarating dance-fitness sensation! Zumba® exercise classes are "fitness-parties" that blend upbeat world rhythms with easy-to-follow choreography, for a total-body workout that feels like a celebration. Alternatively mix your Zumba with all over toning.