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Mel's Story (get moving)

Mel lives in County Durham and has had osteoarthritis for several years.



He had his first hip replacement at age 40.  Since that time, he has had to have his ankle pinned, a knee replacement and is on the waiting list to have his other hip replaced. Mel explained that 'most days I have some form of pain, but I realise that keeping going is really important and that I would deteriorate a lot more quickly if I did nothing'.

Getting around can be quite difficult at times but Mel has found that doing some sort of activity and movement does really help. 

With the gyms closing Mel needed some extra support and went on the We are Undefeatable website.  As well as the inspirational stories the website gave him some ideas about how to move more at home.  Mel decided to set some time aside each day to do some strength and movement exercises.  'I can't do anything first thing as I need time to get going - it would be too painful, so just before my lunch I have a small routine of exercises that I try and do each day.  Some days are easier than others, and some days I just can't manage them, but I know that's OK and I have to work with the arthritis not against it'.

Mel is currently waiting for a new hip and struggles to walk long distances so has decided to get on his bike instead when he can.  Mel says 'walking short distances is OK, but longer distances can cause me a lot of pain, so I am getting on my bike instead (albeit in the garage!!) - this works better for me at the moment.  There is always an alternative and I don't want to give up.'

Find your Move

Our one to one appointment service could be just what you need if you are new to exercise and don't know where to start, or you are struggling to get back into exercise and want to know what will work best for you.  We can help you find a local walking group, arrange taster sessions and provide ongoing support to keep you going. You may also be eligible to access a free six month gym or swim membership. 

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