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Foster a child with disabilities

We are urgently looking for more foster carers who would like to care for children with disabilities.

Taking care of a child with disabilities can seem quite daunting, however you can be assured that we will be there to provide additional support when you need it.

By providing a safe and stable home to a child with a disability, you will be giving them the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential. It may also be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do.


Being a foster carer for a child or children with a disability could involve caring for a child with a hidden need such as a learning disability or a physical disability, which might limit a child's mobility or sensory development. 

Some children have greater medical needs than others, which can include epilepsy or diabetes.

All our foster carers have access to a network of professionals. This includes having your own fostering social worker, as well as specialist nurses, therapeutic social workers, education support, and advice and guidance when you need it.

Additional financial support, specialist equipment and other help, specific to the individual child, may also be available.

How to make the first move

If you're ready to take a leap of faith and find out more about becoming a foster carer for a child with disabilities, ask about fostering.

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