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Check how busy your gym is

Check how busy your local gym is before you attend a session.

Using gym equipment

You don't need to book online if you are using the gym . You can just turn up - use our checker to see how busy your local gym is before you arrive.

  • 0-74% (green) means there is plenty of space in the gym.
  • 75-89% (amber) means the gym is getting busy and you may need to queue when you arrive.
  • 90% and over (red) means the gym is full or closed - you can visit an alternative gym or check back later to see if there's space.

Weights areas

If you want to use the weights areas at Abbey, Chester-le-Street, Meadowfield Leisure Centre and Spennymoor Leisure Centre you will still need to book online.

Swimming and outdoor fitness classes

If you wish to swim or attend an outdoor fitness class as part of your gym membership you need to book online.

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