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Parental conflict support for new or expectant parents who are together

Having a new baby is a time of huge change. This can have a big impact on a couple's relationship. 

There are things you can do that will help you feel stronger and ready to deal with disagreements and arguments - see our Top tips to help you stay calm during disagreements or arguments page.

For a free private online chat room where you can talk to a listener about your relationship, go to Click relationships: Listening room.

We have brought together support and services and websites that may be helpful if you are expecting or raising a baby. This will help to make sure your relationship is strong and able to cope with the new challenges a baby brings.

Health visitor

Your Family Health Visitor is there to support you in preparing for your baby and when they arrive. Talk to them if you are worried about your relationship and they will be able to support in finding help for you. 

Family centres

Find out what is happening in your local Family Centre.

Baby Buddy 

Baby Buddy is the multi-award winning free app that guides you through pregnancy, birth, parenting and beyond. Baby Buddy is your personal baby expert who will guide you through your pregnancy and the first six months of your baby's life.

Relationships Matter

The Relationships Matter programme can give you free support and space to talk about your relationship and how family disagreements can impact on your child. See our Help with family relationships page for more information.


Me, You and Baby Too

This online course is for new and expectant parents.

The course includes a mixture of video clips, animations, pictures and activities. You can do it all in one go or you can take a break between sections and come back when you're ready to carry on.

Having a baby is one of the biggest changes you and your partner can go through. You'll both be tired and stressed, and you may argue more. Me, You and Baby Too is designed to help you find your way through these changes so you can sort out any disagreements and keeping moving forward together.  This will be better for you, better for your partner, and better for your baby. 

The course is split into three sections:

  • Changes for me and us - Having a baby is an exciting time but it can also be very challenging. This section helps you to understand how your relationship with each other will change and why it matters to your baby.
  • Coping with stress - Having a baby can be stressful and overwhelming. This section helps you to identify causes of stress and learn ways of coping together and supporting each other. 
  • Conflict and communication - Arguments can be constructive (helpful) or destructive (harmful). This section helps you to think about how the arguments start, and how they get out of hand. Most importantly, it will give you the skills to resolve arguments in a more constructive way.

If you feel you need extra support, please speak with your Midwife or Health Visitor.

Please register and sign into the course at OnePlusOne - courses.

Useful links 

  • ICON is a programme that provides information about infant crying and how to cope. There are short videos with information and tips. There are also videos specifically for Dads.
  • Relate article: We've just had a baby and we're arguing all the time includes links to online chat support.
  • Qwell offers free, safe and anonymous mental wellbeing support for adults across the UK. There a variety of anonymous support options to meet your needs including on-line messaging, booked and drop-in chat, therapeutic content, community support and personal development tools.