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The Prime Minister has today set out the next steps in the easing of lockdown. See the press conference at Youtube: Prime Minister's Coronavirus press conference (10 May 2021) for details.

Between 4.00pm on Wednesday 12 May and 7.30am on Thursday 13 May, the following systems will be unavailable due to essential maintenance: our online council tax, business rates and housing benefit overpayments service, our welfare assistance form and our test and trace payments form. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Returning to swimming lessons after Covid-19 closures

We're re-starting swimming lessons with measures in place to help with social distancing and keep our pools covid-secure. Please follow the directions below to keep our swimmers and teachers safe.


We are planning for the return of swimming lessons subject to the lifting of Covid 19 restrictions. If your child attended swimming lessons before the pool closure in March we will contact you directly. 

We're operating a reduced Covid-19 programme following Swim England guidance. 

Attending your swimming lesson - what you must know

We are putting measures in place to help with social distancing and to help keep our pools Covid secure. Please follow the directions below to help keep our swimmers and teachers safe. 

Before you set off

  • Anyone over 11 years attending must wear a mask at all times, including whilst seated on the poolside. 
  • One adult only is allowed to attend with their child, due to restrictions around space.
  • Parents and carers are required to stay at the leisure centre for the period of the lesson.
  • Do not bring siblings unless they are attending the following class. Children attending the following class will be assigned a seat. See our siblings information below. 
  • Your child must must arrive 'beach style ready' with their swimming costume under clothing.
  • Arrive five to ten minutes before your swimming lesson start time. You will not be allowed to enter the leisure centre earlier than this, as we need time to clean poolside seating.
  • Lockers are not available so please keep belongings to a minimum.
  • If your child wears arm discs, you must bring your own and put them on your child before they start their lesson (swimming teachers are not able to do this).
  • Children must be able to put their own goggles and hats on themselves as the teachers are not be able to assist.
  • Toilets are limited to one person at a time.
  • Showers and vanity areas are closed.
  • For swimmers at Catchgate school pool-The school car park will be available the following times: Monday 5.30-7.15pm and Tuesday - Friday 4.15-7.15pm. It is closed on a Saturday. For all other times please park in a safe and legal space in the local community. 

Attending a lesson

  • There is a one-way system in place around the facility.
  • Outdoor shoes must be removed before entering poolside.
  • Your child will be given a chair on poolside to use during the lesson. This is where they must remove their clothing and leave their belongings with you.
  • You will use the same chair or have access to a spectator area during the lesson, depending on pool layout. Please remain seated during the lesson.
  • After their lesson, take your child and their clothing to the changing area to dry and change. Your allocated cubicle is the same as your seat number. Our school facilities will have open mixed changing rooms. Please ensure that your child changes quickly and leaves the centre as soon as they are changed. This will help us clean for the next lesson group. If your child does not need help to change, please leave poolside via the changing rooms and wait for them in the concourse area (if appropriate) outside the exit.

For more information, including how to enter the building, please see Swimming pools re-opening information.


  • Siblings are only allowed if your children's swimming classes are back to back.
  • Your second child must also be 'beach style ready' when they arrive at the leisure centre.
  • At the end of your first child's lesson, once your child is dry and changed, follow the one-way system to leave the changing rooms. Re-enter poolside and return to your chair, where your second child should remove their clothing for their lesson. Your first child must sit on the additional chair. 
  • If another adult brings your second child, they are not allowed to enter the leisure centre more than five to ten minutes before the second child's class is due to start.

Changes to lessons

  • We've reduced the maximum number of swimmers per class.
  • In the main pool we are using double width lanes.
  • Teachers will teach from the poolside only - there is no 'in water' teaching (sessions that required parental support in the water will continue).
  • Lessons will be adapted to help children regain their water confidence.
  • Due to our reduced class sizes there will be no movement between stages until restrictions ease.
  • Parents attending Stage One lessons at Spennymoor Leisure Centre will be required to be in the water. This is to assist with social distancing in the leisure pool layout.
  • All pre-school lessons, at all pools, will require a parent in the pool to assist with social distancing.

You must not interrupt the lesson whilst on poolside or approach the teacher to ask questions after lessons. Sign up for the Learn to swim Home Portal to check your child's progress.

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