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Risk Assessment including care planning

This course is aimed at all staff in health and social care.

The course discusses both residential and domiciliary care. At the end of the training session, there is a short written assessment to evidence the learning of the attendees.


You will understand:

  • What are risk assessments?
  • What is risk management?


Discuss relevant legislation with regard to risk assessments.

Risk Assessment Process

  • Look at the process involved in Risk Assessments 
  • Identify the differences between hazard and risk 
  • Discuss roles and responsibilities including accountability 
  • Understand vulnerability and risk 
  • Person centred approaches 
  • Discuss risks, risk events and outcomes 
  • Understand associated risks 
  • Discuss managing risk positively 

The care planning process

  • Explain the care planning process  
  • Explain how the person-centred care planning process differs from other forms of planning and assessment within the care planning process  
  • Identify who should be involved in the:  
    • care planning process  
    • person-centred care planning process  
  • Explain the role of the individual in the care planning and person-centred processes  
  • Explain how the individual could be supported in these processes  

Assessment process 

  • Explain the assessment process including roles and responsibilities 
  • Describe conflicts that may arise during the assessment process  
  • Discuss the information that may be needed for the assessment  
  • Explain how information gathered will be put together 

Information sharing 

Discuss gathering of information when undertaking a risk assessment 

Specific risk assessments 

Identify risks associated with: 

  • Moving and Assisting 
  • Infection Control
  • Information Sharing
  • Use of Equipment
  • 'Risky behaviour' 

Planning/implementation and evaluation of care plans

Discuss the roles of the: 

  • care worker
  • key worker
  • team leader in organising, implementing and evaluating care plans 

Explain how care will be planned to meet identified needs.

Explain how unmet needs will be identified and acted upon.

Outline the individual's role in setting goals.

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