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Whorlton Bridge - current programme

What's happening to Whorlton Bridge.

Because the bridge is a grade II* listed structure and a Scheduled Monument, we will need to work closely with Historic England and the Environment Agency (EA) throughout the process.

We have to carefully test different sections of the bridge before we can establish what work will be needed and the future capacity restrictions of the bridge. This will then allow us to develop a plan of what works are required. Before any works can start and at each stage, approval from the EA, Historic England and Scheduled Monument Consent (SMC) which has to be submitted to the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport for approval.

Programme of work

The following is the anticipated programme. This assumes no delays throughout the process and that the scheme progresses as intended:

Anticipated programme


Develop Investigation and Testing Design contract and appoint a contractor

December 2020 to mid-March 2021 - complete

Complete design of temporary works and Investigation and Testing scope

Mid-March to end of May 2021 - complete

Submit a Scheduled Ancient Monument consent application

May 2021 - complete

Procure a testing contractor to execute the works

June and July 2021 - complete

Scheduled Monument Consent granted

July 2021 - complete

Carry out Investigation and Testing contract

Final report received from contractor in August 2022 - complete

Revisit the assessment following completion of the site works

Completion due in December 2022 - complete

Design the required strengthening and refurbishment works and apply for Scheduled Monument Consent

Preliminary design in progress. Detailed design to start in June 2023 - complete

Compound construction and procurementSeptember to November 2023

Execute repair works

December 2023 to December 2024


Alternative crossing

Consideration of an alternative crossing has been given however there are significant access issues for construction and the costs involved would be significantly prohibitive.  The construction and presence of an alternative crossing over or adjacent to the existing structure would also cause an obstruction to completion of some of the repair works.