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Planning a visit

Information to help you plan your outdoor learning visit to Hardwick Park and Wharton Park.

If you would like to discuss your day in more detail, require further information or wish to book a visit, please contact us.

Organising a visit

Booking is essential for all groups who would like to visit the parks and take part in one of our workshops. We recommend booking well in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Choosing your workshop

Current workshops are advertised on the park's web page. Here you will find a brief description of the activities on offer, pricing and duration. We change our programme termly and take into consideration the season as well as elements of the National Curriculum. Link to workshops

Bespoke workshops

The parks and countryside education team strive to provide workshops that suit your needs and requirements based on topical themes, if you have something in mind then please do discuss options with the parks and countryside education officer.

How to book

During our initial contact you will be able to discuss your requirements with us in detail and we will make a provisional booking. Once you have confirmed we will complete our paperwork and then send out confirmation of your visit. Your confirmation pack will include visitor information, guidance to support you when you write your risk assessment and coach parking permits for those visiting Wharton Park.

Important information


We encourage teachers/ group leaders to make a preliminary visit to the park to make sure the site is suitable for their group. If you would like to speak to the parks and countryside education officer in person prior to your visit please do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a meeting.


Please arrive at the park at 9.45am for a 10.00am start. The day finishes at 2.00pm. However, we are aware that travel times vary and will accommodate necessary changes.

Car parks

At Hardwick Park coaches will be met at the designated coach drop off point, located between the main and overflow car park. We will then ask coaches to relocate to the larger overflow car park for the duration of the visit.

Coaches are unable to turn around in the Wharton Park Car Park, therefore the designated drop off point is located at the North Road entrance to the park. We can advise of suitable parking locations for coaches should they wish to stay for the duration of the visit.


Upon arrival you will be greeted by one of our education assistants. They will advise where to put school bags and where the toilets are. Please bring only minimum personal valuables with you. Your education assistant will confirm the expected learning outcomes for the day and do their best to ensure that any priorities are met. 


Each park has an accessible toilet as well as public toilets. For, large groups we will ensure that all the facilities we have will be available on arrival, before lunch and home time.


During this time the Education Assistant will leave you with your class. There are a wide variety of picnic areas within the parks if you would prefer to eat outside but an indoor space will be available in most circumstances. Your education assistant will agree a lunch period with you, usually for around 45 minutes.


We understand that in some circumstances it may not be possible or appropriate for you to attend your booked visit. Should you need to make a cancellation please contact the Hardwick Park Visitor Centre immediately to arrange an alternative date allowing us to offer your space to another group. Please be aware that depending on circumstances, cancellations within 7 days of the visit may incur a charge of up to 50% of the cost. If the park needs to cancel your trip you will be contacted as soon as possible. Every effort will be made to ensure a convenient alternative date is found and groups will not be charged until this visit has taken place.


Please speak to the parks and countryside education officer about any special needs or access requirements that you may have. Most paths around the park are generally well surfaced and generally flat. 

Shop visits

Hardwick Park has a small gift shop. Please let us know in advance of your day if you require time to visit the shop and we will schedule it in. We can provide a list of items available for £1.00 including stationery and ice lollies. Alternatively, we can arrange pre-prepared items and include it in the payment of your trip.


Please bring as many digital cameras as possible. We work in highly practical ways and don't often use worksheets during our activities. However, we are all aware that evidence recording is important and want you to be able to capture all the ways in which children are using the environment.

Contact us
Parks and countryside education officer
03000 262 845
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