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Due to essential maintenance, our online payment system will not be unavailable between 1.00pm and 4.00pm on 21 August 2022. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Programmes for primary schools in our parks

Our primary workshops provide creative learning opportunities outside the classroom, which are incredibly important to a child's continuing development and curious mind.

See our School workshops at Hardwick and Wharton Park that are now available for booking.

Key Stage Two workshops

There is no Planet B

The Climate Change emergency is here and very real! Join us as we battle it out to explore key environmental issues that effect County Durham's countryside. It's time to think global act local!

Map Skills and Orienteering  

Pupils play a relay game and directional activity which begins to build their mapping skills. They then go on our simple orienteering course to develop their map reading confidence. This activity is an energetic introduction to orienteering.

Temperate Forest

Did you know that not all rainforests are tropical?  In this session learn about the temperate rainforests that are a bit closer to home. They are globally rare and extremely under threat.  Learn about the ancient trees of these unique habitats and the canopy layers.  Discover about the biodiversity within.  Find out about the weather that makes them so special.  Through games, challenges and exploration  the children can use the trees all around them to learn about these rainforests that are not so far away.  

Go Wild

A back to basics workshop using a themed approach that could include elements of Stone Age, Viking or Roman history or could be Literacy based such as Roald Dahl inspired. Children will partake in hands on practical activities that  are physically active, explore working together, construction and problem solving. 

Survive and Thrive

Climate change is affecting all life in Hardwick Park and the park's creatures are responding in different ways. Whilst some struggle to survive, others are adapting in order to thrive. Join us at Hardwick Park and learn about the adaptations and tribulations that our wildlife is experiencing due to climate change.

Key Stage One workshops

All about Autumn

Pupils will learn about the Autumn season, animals and trees on a guided journey through the park's woodland. They will explore and handle a range of fruits, seeds and leaves and take part in our seed gym (a great introduction to seed dispersal). They will also be given the opportunity to explore colours that appear at this time of year, create and make using natural materials.


Inspired by Emily Gravett's beautiful story 'Tidy' children will spend the morning learning about the season of autumn and how the animals that live in the parks and countryside begin to prepare for winter. In the afternoon children will discover how the natural world and its inhabitants are inter-linked and the importance of protecting our parks, woodlands and countryside by following the countryside code. 

Hedgehog Heroes

Explore the life of one of Britain's favourite mammals through an exploration of the natural world.  Join us to experience practical activities designed to ignite a curiosity about the life of these nocturnal animals, the hazards hedgehogs are facing and become their heroes by making some prickly promises to protect them.


Thought minibeasts could only be found in the summer? Think again, there are plenty of weird and wonderful creatures lurking in the woodlands at Hardwick Park! Join us for an array of autumnal adventures, exploring and discovering the hidden world of autumnal minibeasts. 

Early Years workshops

The Gruffalo

Woodland play the Gruffalo way, inspired by the popular tale by Julia Donaldson children will embark on a hunt for the Gruffalo, learn about the animals in the story, create their own woodland mouse and mix up a crumble fit for well who else but the mouse himself. 

We're going on a Leaf Hunt

A great introduction to trees and seasonal change, join us on our adventures as we search for the many different leaves hidden in the park, creating, making and choosing different materials along the way. This session is inspired by the stories Leaf Man and We are Going on aLeaf Hunt.

The trouble with Dragons

Imagine a world populated by beastly dragons who care nothing for how much they pollute the oceans, chop down the trees, gobble up all the food and use everything up without stopping to think? Using the delightful story by Debi Gliori as a starting point, children will go on a hunt for the terrible dragons, and explore the importance of looking after the world around them. A great introduction to climate change. 

Room on the Broom

Inspired by the popular tale we will start by sharing the story and the children will then embark on a journey around the park where they will engage with the natural world through the eyes of the story characters,  make and create using a range of materials and discover a dragon hiding in the park. 


Costs are based on groups of up to 30 children.                                                                                                           

  • half day workshop - £108    
  • full day workshop - £185
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