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Help for children and families to stay active

Children and young people should be looking to keep active for at least 60 minutes a day. As with adults, this doesn't have to be all in one go, it can be in bite size chunks throughout the day.

You should take part in different types and intensities of physical activity across the week to develop movement skills, muscles and bones.

Sports and active hobbies are a great way to get moving, which is really important for everyone's physical health, and can help improve confidence and self-esteem.

See NHS: Physical activity guidelines for children and young people.

More information and resources

Here are some great links for activities and ways to help reduce the time spent sitting or lying down and break up long periods of not moving.

  • Active 30 Durham Hub - Active 30 Durham have developed an online hub packed with physical activity resources to help support schools, parents and young people to keep active.
  • Change4Life is a public health campaign with lots of hints, tips and activities to keep children healthy and active.
  • Glen Higgins Fitness brings you superhero workouts to get kids moving - YouTube: Get Kids Moving.
  • British Cycling: Ready Set Ride provide quick and easy games to help you teach your child how to pedal - having lots of fun along the way.
  • Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation from YouTube: Cosmic Kids Yoga designed especially for kids aged three and above.
  • Partnering with Disney, This Girl Can has captured some of the ways mums and kids get moving to the songs they love. Learn their moves or put your own spin on their routines.
  • Premier Education - free resources covering physical activity, health & well-being and life skills programme.
  • Youth Sport Trust - free home learning resources.
  • BBC Super Movers - fun curriculum linked learning resources.