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Projects supported by the 3 Towns Area Action Partnership

Find out about the range of activities and events that we support in our community.

All the projects supported by the AAP and the local councillors over the last year are listed in the Icon for pdf 3 Towns AAP Annual Report 2021-22 (PDF, 1.9mb) .  Some examples of projects are detailed below.

Crook Winter Light Parade - Jack Drum Arts provided a Winter Light Parade for the residents of the 3 Towns. The project brought local people of all ages, abilities and ethnicities together to create a high-quality family focused event. It included a workshop program which allowed participants to make lanterns and costumes as well as creating music and a choir. They also provided an online advent calendar where they read stories for all to enjoy. The Wintertime show delivered festive performances at St Cuthbert's and the town centre parade showcased arts, dancers, performers and other theatre acts in Crook, bringing the towns and villages together after the pandemic.

Community Pantry - Sunniside Community Association have set up a community pantry with a wide range of food items, which will prevent food wastage and help tackle food poverty. The association made a food pantry area as well as becoming a Fare Share provider. They have partnered with other projects to access food donated by supermarkets. The project is saving food from landfill, engaging and bringing the community together for additional activities whilst also providing choice and reducing stigma for the increasing number of local people who now rely on foodbank deliveries to feed themselves and their families. They are also providing a community café twice a week serving lunches.

Willing to Bloom - Greater Willington Environment Group have provided a planting project to help improve mental health and wellbeing and introducing feel good factors across the parish area. The project helps to aid community recovery by improving the aesthetics and feel good of the town with plants. Various plants were planted across the Willington area and school children were also invited to join Durham County Council Civic Pride who delivered outdoor workshops around planting.

Summer 2021 - Hilltops Community project provided a variety of outdoor entertainment for children in the summer holidays through the Fun and Food programme. The activities aimed to increase confidence, interaction, self-awareness, teamwork and appreciation of personal strengths and talents. The sessions covered dry stone walling, sketching in the woods, fern thatching, butterfly feeder making and activities with the music man. All this took place in High Stoop Wood.

Friends Together 1 & 2 - Friends Together has been addressing social isolation for over 3 years. With attendance increasing, the funding has allowed the expansion of the group to allow more members to benefit. The group provide entertainment and trips out for their members, from craft activities to relaxation sessions. Specialist transport has allowed them to provide trips to members helping them to combat social isolation and giving them a new lease of life and the confidence to enjoy life again.

Home and Away - Greater Willington Town Council has worked alongside schools, businesses and families to bring normality back after Covid-19. The project has included planters donated to all 4 primary schools which has enabled schools to carry out planting activities with the children.  The high street was brightened up by providing hanging baskets to local businesses and a seat was installed in Low Willington for people to sit and socialise. Away days are being provided for local families and well as a pantomime locally including a Christmas Grotto. A fence has been erected to improve local Heritage Woodland and ensure that it is a safe space for families to enjoy.

For a full list of projects supported by the AAP please contact us.

Projects supported by your local county councillors

You can find out more about the local projects supported by your local county councillors through their Neighbourhood Budget on the Your councillors page.


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