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Report social care fraud

Social care fraud is when someone deliberately gives false information to obtain income they are not entitled to.

If you suspect a case of social care fraud you can:

Examples of social care fraud

Social care fraud can take many different forms.

  • Direct payment fraud is when someone provides false information by exaggerating their care needs, doubtful disability, fictitious carers or they or someone acting on their behalf, is misusing the funds they receive. 
  • Undeclared savings or income can mean that people are receiving extra help (financial or care) that they may not be entitled to.
  • "Deprivation of funds" is when someone knows they need care and chooses to 'gift' their money or assets to family members, friends or associates in order to meet the criteria for public funded care.

What happens after you report someone

We will look at the information you give. We will only take action if we find the person has been committing social care fraud. Action can include asking for monies to be repaid or taking them to court. Depending on the offence, the outcome of any prosecution can vary from community hours, a fine or in the most serious cases imprisonment.

Why we need to stop social care fraud

Social care fraud takes money away from vital services and resources. In the longer term, this may mean a reduction in services or higher council tax bills.

Contact us
Corporate Fraud
03000 266 745
Our address is:
  • Corporate Fraud Team
  • Durham County Council
  • County Hall (Room G90)
  • Durham
  • County Durham
  • United Kingdom
  • DH1 5UL
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