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2011 Census

Every ten years the Government undertakes a census, which includes a wide range of information on population, health, ethnicity, lone parents, households, and the economic status of residents.

Second release of 2011 Census Data

On Wednesday 30 January 2013 the Office for National Statistics released the key and quick statistical tables from the 2011 Census for areas within County Durham, including the Census output geography, statistical wards, civil parishes and parliamentary constituencies. Further information is available on the Office of National Statistics and Census Website (ONS).

This release of data follows the second release of statistics from the 2011 Census on Friday 23 November 2012, with the release of population and household figures for census output area geographies and electoral wards.  Key and quick statistics for local authorities and England and Wales were published on 11 December 2012. 

Data is available from several sources including Durham Insight and NOMIS.


InstantAtlas is an interactive web-based tool that combines statistical and geographical information into a portable report which allows users to explore spatial, statistical or indicator-based data using linked tables, charts and maps and provides presentation quality reports and profiles. Download  Icon for pdf InstantAtlas user guide (PDF, 358.9kb)  for more information on InstantAtlas.

First release of 2011 Census data

Following the 2011 Census the first release of data was released on Monday 16 July 2012 by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). This first release was for local authority areas and England and Wales and includes statistics on population and gender by five year ages groups. In addition, household statistics are also available for these areas. The briefing paper, Icon for pdf 2011 Census First Data Release.pdf (PDF, 186.3kb)  outlines these first results for the county.

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