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Help us create better street space in County Durham

Help us to identify locations in your neighbourhood that you feel need to have additional space provided temporarily to protect public health, by supporting social distancing in public spaces.

This consultation was concluded in July 2020.

The consultation was carried out to identify if and where people would like to have more space to travel actively, for example walking or cycling. By mapping issues and opportunities and completing the survey, respondents helped determine where temporary measures could be delivered during the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

2,650 contributions were made to the survey from 522 respondents. The primary issue across the County was fast traffic, followed by not enough space and volume of traffic. Most respondents noticed an improvement in air quality during the summer lockdown. More space for cycling was the single most popular suggested improvement for the Council to introduce at 15%, closely followed by more space for walking at 12%. Most people who live in the area supported the measures being made permanent. 

Thank you to everyone who gave their views. For further feedback and to request details regarding the consultation report please contact



We looked at how to improve space for people to ensure social distancing.

As people started to return to everyday activities, we needed to have plans in place to enable people to carry on with their lives safely when making journeys such as going to work, going to school, doing their shopping or taking exercise.

Across the county, the numbers of people walking, running and cycling for exercise during the virus gone up and car driving has gone down. We want to encourage this and promote safety.

What we are consulting on

We wanted to encourage people to travel on foot and by bike during the coronavirus restrictions and into recovery. The government made funding available as part of its emergency response to Covid-19. To enable us to apply for these funding opportunities, we needed to know where measures were required. 

Temporary emergency measures using barriers, fencing or bollards could be used to:

  • create pop-up cycle lanes
  • reduce through traffic on certain roads
  • reallocate road space to create wider pavements
  • introducing 20 mph streets
  • adding extra cycle parking
  • remove street 'furniture' like pedestrian guard rails that are no longer required

These temporary emergency changes could help to provide more space at specific locations such as areas outside shops, transport hubs or routes to medical centres.

Temporary measures would be implemented for as long as government guidance recommends.

By taking part in this consultation you helped us identify temporary measures needed and shape how government funding is used.

There is also a possibility that we can obtain further funding to support permanent changes to highways. If successful, the results of this consultation will again be used to help shape future highways projects. 

Have your say

The deadline for comments was 5.00pm on Friday 31 July 2020.

What happens next

We reviewed all the feedback which formed part of our ongoing Covid-19 recovery planning to determine which suggestions we can take forward for as long as Government guidance recommends.

We will update this page at the end of the consultation.

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