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Why New Elvet Bridge roadworks are happening

Crucial repairs and maintenance are required to New Elvet Bridge in Durham City.

New Elvet Bridge is an important link between the east and west sides of Durham carrying on average 17,000 vehicles a day. After 45 years of use, the bridge now requires important repairs and maintenance to protect this vital crossing point including work to:

  • refurbish the deck joint on the northern (Claypath) side of the bridge
  • remove the deck joint on the southern (Elvet) side of the bridge, to create a continuous deck structure with reduced future maintenance requirements
  • waterproof the bridge deck
  • carry out concrete repairs throughout the whole structure, to improve and extend its life
  • improve drainage systems
  • implement a cathodic protection system to prevent metal corrosion
  • renew the protective coatings to the concrete surfaces, giving waterproof protection to the structure and generally improve the appearance of the bridge

We have now completed the hydro-demolition of the north half joint and continue the demolition of the south joint. Once this is completed, we can then lower the bridge deck and begin reconstruction.

We have continued the installation of the cathodic protection and made progress with some of the concrete repairs.

Works are progressing, however there is a considerable amount of work to complete.

March update

Icon for pdf New Elvet bridge update - March 2021 transcript (PDF, 81.4kb)

    Why the road needs to be closed

    To carry out the maintenance safely it is not possible to allow any traffic over the bridge during the works. It will also be necessary to lift the central span of the bridge to complete some maintenance. 

    Timetable of work:

    • site clearance: July to August 2020
    • access installation: August to September 2020
    • jacking system installation: August to November 2020
    • telephone and electric diversions and protection: July 2020 and February 2021
    • demolition of bridge joints: October to December 2020
    • lift of centre section: November 2020
    • reconstruct north joint: November 2020 to January 2021
    • lower centre section: February 2021
    • reconstruct south side: February to May 2021
    • remove jacking system: May to June 2021
    • concrete repairs and corrosion protection: August to December 2020 and May to July 2021
    • install new road and footpath: June to August 2021
    • clear site and reopen road: August to September 2021

    Previous project updates

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    New Elvet Bridge roadworks
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