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The future of the former Easington Colliery School site

We wanted your views on the future of the Easington Colliery School site and the potential for its demolition.


Easington Colliery School opened in 1913 and closed in the late 1990's. The buildings on the site are grade II listed and in a prominent position on Seaside Lane. Despite attempts by previous owners to find a viable use for it, over the past two decades the building's condition has deteriorated significantly and it has also become a target for vandals.

During the support we gave to previous owners, we became aware of the lack of demand for buildings of this scale in Easington Colliery.

What we consulted on

Following concerns from the local community and councillors, we bought the site as part of our commitment to regenerate our towns and villages. 

We were keen to hear your views about what should happen to the site. With the deteriorating condition of the buildings and their associated costs to repair, we thought future options should include demolition. We understand it is important that the site is not left in a vacant, derelict state. We were therefore considering temporary solutions such as a pocket park (a small public park) until a long-term use is found.

Have your say 

The deadline for comments was 5.00pm on Wednesday 29 January 2020.

What happens next 

We have reviewed all feedback we received. 

  • almost 350 people gave their views on the proposal
  • 91% agreed that demolition was the best way of bringing the site back into use
  • 60% described the site as an eyesore and felt it was demoralising
  • 88% believed that demolishing the buildings would have a positive impact on them / their business

We will now submit a planning application to clear the site and create a pocket park until a permanent use for the land is found. If the application is approved, it is hoped that work can begin in the early autumn 2020.

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