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Our estore payments system will not be available on Wednesday 21 April due to essential maintenance. This includes payments for council tax, business rates, housing benefit overpayments, invoices and blue badges. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Street Work Permit Scheme consultation

We were looking at introducing a single permit scheme for streetworks on our roads and footpaths. The scheme will be statutory and will mean that companies carrying out works on roads and footpaths must have a permit before carrying out any work.

23 changes to the permit scheme were made as a result of feedback to produce the final permit scheme specifically for County Durham. 


We  have a legal duty to coordinate streetworks in our area, as well as maintain our roads and footpaths. The Government introduced optional permit schemes as part of the Traffic Management Act 2004 as a way of potentially helping councils minimise disruption from road and street works while allowing those works to occur. Schemes cover both the work a council does, and work done by other companies. 

In July 2018, we were told that Government strongly recommended all councils who did not have a permit scheme to introduce one by March 2020. The 11 councils in the north east have agreed to work together to bring in a permit scheme, but each will have its own version based on the needs of the local service. 

What we want to achieve with the scheme

The scheme's objectives are to:

  • offer greater opportunity to deliver and achieve completion dates
  • share of best practice and better overall cooperation
  • reduce delays and disruption to shops and businesses
  • improve reliability of journey times, especially by public transport
  • improve safety at all road works sites
  • improve communication about the purpose and duration of road works

How the permit scheme will work

The scheme will apply to all adopted roads and footpaths in the county that we manage. Motorways and trunk roads are not included as they are managed by Highways England. 

Key scheme points:

  • before doing any work on our roads or footpaths, you must apply and receive permission from us rather than just notify us you are doing the work
  • you will need to let us know where, when and for how long the works will be, what type of works are to be done and what impact they will have
  • each application will be assessed by us and we may agree, refuse or amend your application
  • there will be a fee for issuing a permit
  • approved permits will have clear conditions eg traffic management used, extent of diversions or limitations on working hours
  • conditions can be legally enforced and penalties issued if they are not met

More details:

Have your say

Before the scheme can be introduced, we wanted your views. We were mainly looking for feedback from companies who work on our roads and footpaths, but anyone was welcome to comment.

The closing date for replies was 5.00pm on Thursday 7 November 2019.


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Streetworks Permit Scheme
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