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Corrections and changes to a birth certificate

You need to let us know if you want to change the child or father's information on a birth certificate.

Child's first name

If you decide to change your child's first name(s) within 12 months of the date of the registration of the birth you can do so on the original birth registration. To do this you will need to get a form from The register office at The Story and:

  • complete it and return it to us
  • if your child has been baptised within 12 months of the birth registration, take to the Minister of the Church in which the child was baptised, then return it to us

The Register Office will then update the original register.

Father's details

A birth can also be re-registered at any time to include the father's details. A form is available from The register office at The Story that has to be completed by both parents to allow the re-registration to be undertaken.


Please note that a fee of £44 will be payable for this service.

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