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Long Term Empty Property Council Tax Premium consultation

We reviewed our policy relating to council tax charges for empty properties and wanted your views on proposals which would see the premium charge increased for long term empty properties. We are now able to provide feedback from the 523 responses received.


In our Long Term Empty Properties Policy, since April 2013, we have charged a 50% premium on properties that have been unoccupied and unfurnished for more than 2 years unless they were undergoing major repairs. 

Following a change in the law, which came into effect April 2019, we can now charge a larger percentage of premium for these types of houses.

The premium provides an incentive to the owners of long-term empty properties to bring them back into use.

The empty property premium was first introduced in April 2013. By October 2013, 727 properties had been brought back into use. 

Financial assistance

Our  Icon for pdf Private sector housing financial assistance policy (PDF, 635.0kb)  can give access to finance to help owners bring empty properties back into use.

Proposed changes

We asked your views on:

  • should empty the property premium be increased:
    • empty property for over 2 years would be charged 75% or 100% premium (a Band A property with a council tax of £1346 with the 100% premium would pay £2692 per year)
    • empty property for over 5 years would be charged 100% or 200% premium (the same Band A property with the 200% premium would pay £4038 per year)
  • premiums will apply to properties undergoing major repairs, removing the additional period of up to 12 months which allowed work to be completed before the premium applied

The deadline for comments was 5.00pm on 6 October 2019.

What happened next

Following consultation feedback, the Long Term Empty Properties Policy was approved at the cabinet meeting on 13 November 2019. Please click on the documents below to view the feedback received.


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